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Due to supply chain issues, we are unable to offer roof replacements (this applies to the Calgary Resilient Roofing Rebate also). We will update our website when circumstances allow.

Hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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Experienced Roof Maintenance Services in Calgary

When to Maintain Your Shake Roof?

Don’t Be Intimidated Into Re-roofing, Know Your Options.

We specialize in inspections, maintenance and repairs to pine and cedar shake roofs ONLY!! Our Maintenance Program has been extending the life of shakes roofs in southern Alberta since 1999, saving homeowners money and keeping waste out of landfills.

What Do Your Inspectors Look For?

Missing Shakes, Exposed Felt & Roof Decking

A layer of 15lb x 18” asphalt-saturated felt roofing felt is installed and interwoven with the shakes. This felt is an integral part of a shake roofing system, providing another layer to stop water penetration. That felt is not designed to be exposed to the elements. UV light causes felt deterioration. The shakes installed over top of the felt protect it from the elements. Any shakes that expose felt should be removed & replaced.

Checked/Cracked Shakes

Can eventually expose the interply felt. Most cracked shakes are age related but can also be due to hail damage or poor quality at the time of original installation.

Blowout/Feathertop Shakes

These are caused at the manufacturing level when shakes are cut, and can expose interply felt. They should be culled before installation.

Curled/Cupping Shakes

Curling is caused by natural stresses in the wood that are released when the shake or shingle is cut and are made worse by moisture cycling. Mostly a cosmetic deficiency but can also eventually expose interply felt.

Rotted Shakes

Rotted shakes are also a problem when they deteriorate/crumble and expose felt or become loose and fall out. Unless the rot graduates up to where the fasteners can be seen on the course below, or exposes the interply felt, they are not deemed deficient.

Ridge Cap

The upside down “V” shaped shakes at all the peaks of the roof. The ridge cap staples come loose over time and check or crack, eventually falling out and can expose roof decking.


These are the metal details around roof protrusions. The integrity of skylights, chimney chases, wall and roof intersections and valley flashing should be checked. Care is required while installing original flashings, to ensure no water penetration.

Storm Damage

While we are onsite we will look for signs of hail or wind damage that may impact the integrity or life span of the roof covering.

Air Vents

Most static/turtle air vents are plastic and become brittle over time. Goosenecks, B-vents and plumbing vents should be inspected to verify integrity, ensure proper installation and sealants are intact.

Quality of Original Installation

Poor quality installation can lead to leakage if not rectified. Where the competition may attempt to fix wood roofs, they also may do tile, flat, asphalt, and shakes.

There is no other company that has our knowledge or experience in dealing with pine and cedar shake roofs. Click here for answers to more FAQ on shake roofs.

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