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Due to supply chain issues, we are unable to offer roof replacements (this applies to the Calgary Resilient Roofing Rebate also). We will update our website when circumstances allow.

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Other Roofing Services in Calgary and Southern Alberta for Homes

Shake Experts has been Shakin’ it since 1999, and has seen a lot of roofing issues in our time. In addition to New Shake Roofs and Re-roofs, we can also help you with some of the other problems homeowners experience in Southern Alberta.

New Shake Roofs, Re-roofs and Additions

Reliable Roof Installation Services, Big or Small

We offer quality shake roof installation solutions that will take the aesthetics of your project a notch higher. Whether you’re looking for a new roof quote for your home or cabin, or want to tie in a new addition to an existing roof, or need shakes for a quaint garden shed out back, we can help!

What Is Ice Damming?

Fluctuating temperatures in conjunction with higher-than-normal snow loads (no stranger to us in Alberta!) are the main causes of ice damming. In most cases ice dams are the result of heat escaping from your home into the attic. As the heat is released from the attic it causes the snow touching the roof to melt, creating ice patches underneath the thick layer of snow. Once these ice pockets melt, they trap water underneath that slowly seeps into the attic and surrounding areas. This can be a slow drip at one time, but if not properly fixed it can cause the roof decking to rot and create additional problems throughout the area. The more freezing and thawing cycles that happen during the winter season, the more often ice dams will occur and the amount of trapped water will increase. Warm days combined with cold nights ensure the snow melts very quickly, this causes the snow on the roof to partially melt and then accumulate at the edge of the roof or overhang. Once the eavestroughs fill, the ice begins to expand under the shingles, causing them to lift and separate. Click here for PDF Ice Dam Info Sheet.

Do I Need Drip Edge Around My Eaves?

Drip edge is a metal flashing installed at the edge of the roof just above the eavestrough, on top of the roof decking. When proper drip edge is installed (90 degree 3” x 3”) the drip edge directs water into the eavestrough, preventing water from seeping behind the eavestrough/fascia area and potentially into the soffit where it may travel into attic space and cause an interior leak. If your home has dripping between the eavestrough and fascia, then drip edge may be required to eliminate the problem. In the winter months the dripping problem can be exacerbated with puddles forming ice on the ground and can lead to slip/fall hazards. Most homes in Alberta do not have a drip edge installed at the time of new construction. Installing drip edge after the roof covering has been installed is a more labour-intensive procedure, since the first course of shakes must be removed to expose the interply felt. When the felt is exposed you then slide the drip edge under the interply felt to install it, and follow with installing a new starter course of shakes and a new first row of shakes.

Do I Have a Condensation Issue?

Calgary and the surrounding areas are used to seeing some extreme temperatures in winter. Condensation can be caused by a variety of reasons; the majority are not actual roofing concerns. Please click here for more information. 

Tree Debris & Roof Moss

Tree debris can accumulate on roof coverings depending upon the number of trees, their size, and proximity to the home. As the tree debris accumulates it will hinder the shakes’ ability to shed water and can act like a sponge to keep the shakes wetter for longer, prompting rot to form.


Tree debris will also migrate into the eavestrough, adding weight to the eavestrough and inhibiting the water flow to the downspouts. As the water and tree debris increases it can cause the fastening points on the eavestrough to weaken.


In addition to clearing built-up debris from the shakes, you should ensure there is no debris left in the valleys and no trees hanging over the roof. The best way to prevent leaks and eavestrough damage is to remove tree debris and maintain the roof regularly. Removing / trimming trees should be completed either in the spring or fall to minimize roof covering and eavestrough problems.


To properly remove tree debris on a shake roof you should agitate the debris in the keyways with a rigid brush or forced air, never high-pressure washers. Pressure washing the shakes can damage the shakes, which will decrease life span and could lead to leakage.

Zinc Strips

Excessive tree debris, if not removed, can also promote moss and lichen to form on the roof, further reducing the lifespan of a roof covering. Adding zinc strips to your roof can also help mitigate moss growth. The strips are installed near the peak of the roof, and the zinc works by releasing the zinc particles down the roof when it rains which helps dry out the moss and limit its spread.

Complete Removal of Unwanted Chimney Chase, Close up Hole and Patch

Commonly Asked Questions

Your home is a precious investment, and the roof is essential to protecting it. As such, there are many questions homeowners have regarding their roof. How long can it last? Why does it leak? How often do I need to maintain it, and what should I budget? For answers to these questions and many more, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions here.

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Reliable Roof Installation Services

We offer quality roof installation solutions that will take the aesthetics a notch higher while offering your roof the needed strength.

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