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Due to supply chain issues, we are unable to offer roof replacements (this applies to the Calgary Resilient Roofing Rebate also). We will update our website when circumstances allow.

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Installations and Replacements for Chimney Caps in Calgary & Southern Alberta

Having a proper chimney cap in place ensures downdrafts do not enter your home, causing excessive smoke and other problems. If your chimney cap is deteriorated or missing, it may be time to bring in Shake Experts Inc. Backed by years of experience, our team is ready to install or replace your chimney cap. Calgary and Southern Alberta homeowners have relied on our expertise to complete any number of roof-related repairs and installations since 1999.

One question we regularly hear from homeowners is “Do I really need a chimney cap?” The short answer is: absolutely! A chimney cap is essential for a number of reasons, such as:

Moisture Reduction

Having a properly-installed and functional chimney cap will keep rainwater from entering your chimney. Rainwater can damage steel liners, mortar joints, and dampers – not to mention create an ideal indoor environment for mildew and mould formation.

Pest Prevention

Squirrels, birds, and raccoons often try to take up residence inside chimneys, but they often cannot exit and will eventually die. The decaying pest can create a noticeable stench, as well as invite additional pests, such as flies and maggots. This can all be prevented with a proper chimney cap!

Debris Build-Up Prevention

A capped chimney will prevent twigs, leaves, and branches from entering your chimney and causing a build-up problem.

Ember and Spark Prevention

Chimney caps are sometimes known as “spark arrestors” as they help prevent sparks and embers from exiting the chimney and landing on your roof, which can easily cause a fire.

Downdraft Blocker

If the wind conditions are just right and you do not have a chimney cap in place, a downdraft can cause your home to fill with smoke and soot – not a pleasant experience!

Are you ready to have a chimney cap installed or replaced? Call Shake Experts Inc today, or fill out our eform to get a free quote!

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