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Excellent Solutions for Pine Roof Rotting

Pine wood roofing enhances the aesthetics of a house and offers greater protection in areas that experience hailstorms or stronger winds. However, they rot over a period of time due to excessive exposure to water and bad weather conditions. Pine roof replacement at the right time can prevent further damages and save a lot of cost on repairs. At Shake Experts, we are dedicated to the installation and maintenance of pine and cedar roofing. In this blog, we have discussed the solutions for a decaying pine roof.


What Causes Rotting of Wood?

Rotting of wood is one of the prime causes of damage in houses. Here we have mentioned the factors that are responsible for it:

Wood quality: The wood that comes from fast-grown pine species is found to be of inferior quality. It is softer and less dense than normal wood, thereby soaks up water quickly.

Improper installation: When wood is installed on a roof without being sealed properly, it soaks up water. Lack of priming and painting also leads to decay. The same holds good for wood resting against masonry or on the ground.

Long exposure to water and moisture: Regardless of the quality, wood has higher chances of rotting if it is exposed to water and moisture for longer periods.

Moderate temperatures: Wood-decay fungi grow abundantly in temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit it causes moist wood to rot.

How to Inspect Rotting Wood?

If you have had your home roofed decades back or live in a place that frequently experiences bad weather, you should inspect for rotting wood. Here are a few tips that can help you:

  • Inspect the edges of the wood (where it meets the ground or the roof line).
  • Investigate the window sills and other such areas that are exposed to water.
  • Use a small screwdriver to gently push the wood if it is soft and sinks in, it’s rotted.
  • Rotting wooden shakes appear black or dark grey in colour and may disintegrate easily when handled.

Steps to be Taken If Decay Is Found

You can check the damage to your roof and prevent further decay by taking the following steps:

Proper installation: Pine shakes should be primed and painted on all six sides before installation. To make sure that the roofs are correctly installed, take the help of an experienced, professional roofing company.

Preventive maintenance: Wood trim should be cleaned, re-painted and sealed every three to five years. If this is not done, the wood may soak up moisture and water due to the disintegration of paint.

Quick repair: A faster and low cost method of repair is to dig the rotten section out, let it dry, prim it and paint it. This method is effective if the rotten area can’t be easily replaced or when you’re trying to save money. Pine wood can be used to make general repairs. Wood sections with minor damage can be repaired with an epoxy compound exclusively made for exterior use.

Long-term repair: Pine roof replacement is the best solution. For applications where there is greater exposure to water and soil, you can use: 

  • Cedar wood: It is resistant to rotting and lasts for a long time if properly installed and maintained.
  • Boral: It is a partly-recycled poly-ash material that can be easily installed and painted. It is brown in colour.

If you are looking for pine roof replacement, consider Shake Experts. We provide general inspection and repairs to enhance the durability of your roofing. Contact us to get a quote.




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