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Buyer – Be Prepared! Call Shake Experts in Calgary!

We love pine and cedar shake-roofed homes! That being said, it’s always a good idea to know what you’re getting into before purchasing a shake home, or having work conducted on your existing pine or cedar shakes.

Buyer – Be Prepared!

The team at Shake Experts Inc, “Your Wood Roof Authority”, would like to share with you some key points before you consider hiring a contractor:

  1. Always verify that the contractor is reputable, whether through personal referral or the Better Business Bureau.
  2. Ask for references who can tell you if ‘XYZ Roofing Company’ was professional, completed the job on-time, and stuck to the agreed price. Never hire a company that will not share references – it’s a “red flag”!
  3. Verify their membership to organizations and/or associations.
  4. Never satisfy a contractor’s request for an “under the table” payment.
  5. Get a written contract with a “buyer’s right to cancel” clause included.
  6. Never place yourself at risk for work injuries – make sure they’re covered by the WCB (Workers’ Compensation Board). Ask for a WCB clearance letter.
  7. Experience? It’s a must!
  8. Ask as many questions as possible to get a feel for the company’s abilities.
  9. Never choose a contractor based on price alone. Like any business, they may be cutting corners or using inferior products.
  10. Avoid contractors who ask for payment in cash, but do not provide a receipt.
  11. Never agree to anything until you get it in writing.
  12. Obtain warranties or written guarantees before final payment.
  13. Get a phone number and address for possible follow-up work.

Maintenance should be performed every 5 years for your wood shake roof to look great and perform to its fullest capabilities.

Know the facts from the company that knows shakes - call Shake Experts at 403-247-4253, that's 403-24-SHAKE!


Chris Johnsen

General Manager, Shake Experts Inc


Fun Fact

Shake Experts has one of the best Better Business Bureau inquiry to complaint ratios within the roofing industry! Why complain about them when you could be satisfied with us? Call Shake Experts Inc today!

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